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SSC (Staff Selection Commission) isolating and killing the dreams of many

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Before digging in-depth why SSC (Staff Selection Commission) isolating and killing the dreams of many then why Many of the Indians after graduation or inter or high school applies for SSC the perfect government job as it makes them independent for life and secures their life till the age of 60 years that no jobs other than government can offer.

What makes government jobs so popular in India?



3.medical facilities.

4.housing allowance.

5.travelling allowance.

6.Dearness allowance and many more.


But here you must be thinking why I have written that SSC (Staff Selection Commission) isolating and killing the dreams of many

let us find out how  👇


1. Vacancies are few and people are more.

Yes, you heard it correctly vacancies are very low compared to the number of people who applied.

  • SSC CGL 2019: 40 Lakh students applied for 8000 approx vacancies. So think yourself where these 32000 students will go.
  • SSC CHSL  AND SSC MTS having the same issue.

2. Delaying of SSC(staff selection commission) exam.

3. Decreasing seats year by year and even removing the existed seats for no reason.

4. No support from the government side this one is the saddest factor.



5. The student who prepares for these SSC exams has to waste their 3-5 years or sometimes even more because of the poor condition of the management.

6. SSC has demotivated students to the core.



7. Corruption is the biggest factor.



8. No new planning from the ruling government side.

9. 3 OR 4 Tier examination system which only increases the age of the aspirant.

10. A hardworking student who manages to crack 3 tier of SSC is forced to wait for 2 years more for their joining.

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11. Last, not the least if you ever apply RTI(Right To Information) to know about exam answer key or delay in joining, their reply is so senseless and rude that you will start hating this public so-called right.

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