Never Control Someone and overpower their Identity

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People nowadays think that everything around them is under their control and also they try to control the minds of others but in doing so they forget that no one likes to be under control and this thing mentally impact them and sometimes result in depression, anxiety, and sadness.


So the question arose, what makes a person control another person’s life?

The controlling thing is due to the environment or because of the people we are in a company. And sometimes they control the life of their own family members in the name of improving their behavior and this is good to the extent when it doesn’t hamper the individual point of view or personal life.

Controlling culture whether it is in office work life or at a personal level should not be encouraged as it demotivates and creates life hell for the person on whom this controlling is being done.



So what can a person do to avoid this?

  1. He can directly tell them about the situation they are facing in a polite way so that the other person could understand it in a better way.

  2. If you think that the person you are dealing with is cruel and selfish and he has no heart so he will not care about the condition you have because of him. In this situation, you can just avoid interacting with that person or just change the job, location or whatever could give you relief.

  3. If above 2 method does not work for you and it is not possible for you to change job, location, and the person. So, you can try meditation or yoga which will help you to get a clear mind and indirectly helps you to create unique ideas or methods for dealing with the situation.


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