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karva chauth


KARVA CHAUTH is an Indian festival celebrated mostly by women of north India where Indian women fast for the whole day for their husband’s prosperity and long life.

what unique about KARVA CHAUTH?

  • No, where in this world, there is any single festival where women fast for their husbands.
  • The procedure which women have to follow is quite difficult that is you have to quit food and water for the whole day.
  • Many stories relate to Karva Chauth are available in Mahabharat, Satyavan and Savitri and story of Karva.
  • Β It is celebrated on the 4th day of Krishna paksha of Kartik month.
karva chauth

Nowadays even young girls started doing Karva Chauth for their boyfriends. It is now quite popular among young girls. Sometimes even boys and men are fasting for their dear ones , kinda romantic (*_*)


1. In the morning married women apply henna or mehndi and the day passes meeting friends and relatives.

2. You have to fast till the moon is visible to you ( FASTING RULES NO FOOD NO WATER ).

3. In the evening all the ladies group will come together with thalies and pooja samagri and will listen to Karva Chauth Katha ( legend of veeravathi ).

4. At last wait for the moon to rise .mark my words this day you will value moon more than anything lol, but you will definitely enjoy this new experience of Karva Chauth which is dream of many unmarried girls.

5. After the moon rises ohh yes, your men will feed you with water and first food bite, now you can go to the kitchen and eat as much you want πŸ˜‰ because fast is over hurray.

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