KAPALBHATI-the skull shining technique : STEPS AND BENEFITS

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Kapalbhati comes under hath yoga and it is derived from 2 words of Sanskrit i.e kapala= ” skull ” and bhati= ” shining ”.that simply means that the person who regularly practice this achieve a flawless and shiny forehead/face.


So, the question arose that why this Kapalbhati is so famous all over the globe?.

The reason is simply that this hath yoga gives immense benefits which can be achieved by practicing it on a daily basis.

Steps involved in Kapalbhati

  • First, sit anywhere in the lotus posture(also called Padmasana) or any posture you are comfortable with. If you have any leg injury or fracture you can practice this yoga while sitting on your bed or chair.
  • Now close your eyes and take some deep breaths to calm your mind and soul.
  • Take a deep breath from both the nostrils making your chest expand.
  • Now exhale the air from inside.
  • Repeat this activity continuously for 10 to 15 mins or till you feel comfortable doing it.

Note: Don’t regret if you are not able to practice Kapalbhati for 10 mins. Time will automatically improve if you do it regularly.



Benefits of Kapalbhati

1. Dissolve any unwanted stone or accumulated stone.

2. Glow on the face or an unknown shine which you cannot achieve by makeup or unnatural means.

3. Clear and more focused mind.

4. Minimal Anxiety or depression if practice continuously.

5. Brain works faster.

6. happiness increases from within.

7. Boost body immunity.

8. Increase overall stamina.

9. Skin-related allergies and problems will vanish if done with proper guidance and dedication.

10. Improve overall confidence.

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