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YES, MY FRIEND you are IN RIGHT PLACE FOR GETTING YOUR ANSWER Does Nofap makes your EYES ATTRACTIVE 😮 , So let’s find out how and how do we know we are getting the benefits of Nofap on the right track


The ” LIMBAL RING ” around your iris of eyes becomes thicker and darker when you are on more than 50 days hard mode Nofap. Now the main question is ⤵


                         what is this LIMBAL RING?


LIMBAL RING is the border part of iris of eyes that reflect good health and youthfulness. If a person limbal ring is darker and thicker he will be a crush of many girls you know why because a person having darker limbal rings looks sexiest and hottest and with age this limbal ring start to fade.

have you seen a child’s eyes you must have noticed that unknowingly we are attracted towards them you know why because of the positive, pure, and clean aura they surround around them? So the point is can a full-grown man have the same kind of aura?

answer is yes 



Now you will ask how does even that is possible 


for this change, you have to change ur daily ROUTINE.

Yup you have heard right you have to strictly follow a new routine that includes 

1.Pranayama :


you can try ALOM VILOM pranayama as this will smoothen your mind which will be reflected through your eyes. And the most important thing is that you should make a proper time and a fixed place on a proper mat. 

2.Hardmode Nofap :


By Hardmode Nofab I mean to say that you have to restrain from all porn and sexual stuff at least for 40 days after that you can watch sexual videos but without ejaculating. So before 40 days try to avoid all these things which create urges within you.

3.Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskar) :



Sun salutation is an ancient Hindu yoga posture which gives you ultimate benefits from making your ⤵


  1. Hair to grow thicker.
  2. Overall health will improve.
  3. Skin to glow naturally after practicing sun salutation for 1 month you start noticing changes.
  4. More focused.
  5. Kundalini Awakens naturally by this process and many more.



My sisters and brothers  if you follow these 3 steps daily in your routine mark my words you will start noticed by people around you and respect you will get from them is unexplainable 

So don’t you dare to sit and having your mind on pizza and porn lol, just start doing it my friend and blow people with your energy. Best of luck for your new journey 😉

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