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6 Face Glow hacks you should be knowing

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Do most people wonder why this guy who was the same as me or was earlier has no charm on his face suddenly he starts glowing like a tube light? or you can use a better word star 😉 duh.

face glow

But all you need to know this face glow can be natural as well as artificial 🤔. So the point is which glow is better?

but here I will only talk about the natural glow only for which you even don’t have to spend money or buying a heavy makeup kit.



Ways in which you can achieve a natural shine on your face lets decode:


1. Doing Meditation is an extremely powerful way to enhance your aura which will reflect on your face.

face glow

2. Anulum vilum pranayam.

face glow

3. Cardio will sweat you more and you will notice flawless and glowing skin for a whole day.



4. All forward bending exercises and yoga postures will make your face look red for that moment but after the whole day, you will notice a significant change in your face glow.

face glow

5. Surya Namaskar is a well-known Indian traditional yoga which had 12 postures in each round. This is so so amazing and powerful tool to upgrade your aura and chakra which will increase your whole body glow not just your face.



6. RamMurti Dand is a type of pushups but here your whole body is involved and even a particular breathing pattern is there.


The last but this is not the only thing left there plenty of them around the globe which only we have to experience and share with people, but I can assure you if you sincerely follow only 1 point from these given points your way of living and seeing things will change and this Face Glow thing is secondary which you will get as a by-product.

7 Great Yoga For Face Glow Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends


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