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5 Things To Avoid In Nofap

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For achieving anything dedication and discipline play a crucial role and before directly jumping into “5 things to avoid in Nofap” we have to look into the current scenario  👇


Nowadays Nofap becomes a trend which youngsters and even people of older age are following which is a good practice as people are becoming more aware of the importance of semen they having inside their body.

But some people come to me and ask why Nofap is not working for them?

And some ask why is Nofap taking so much time to show its benefits?

All these questions are related to some techniques which successful Nofaper use but you are not aware of it.


5 Things To Avoid In Nofap:

1. S*xual thought:



yes my friend you heard it right s*xual thought is the killing factor in the growth of Nofap. I will not say you will not get the benefits of Nofap but it will slow your Nofap progress tremendously.

Let us understand it with some example 👇

Five Things To Avoid In Nofap:

There are 2 boys named John and harry both of them thought of giving a try to Nofap.first weak both of them started noticing some changes in them and after 2nd weak harry thought I will not m@sturb*te but at least I can think or watch some kind of s*xual stuff.

And after 1-month john personality completely changed and he becomes:Check Mark Button on Apple iOS 13.3

  1. Motivated and goal-oriented.
  2. All his anxiety and fear have gone.
  3. His attraction and face glow all went high.
  4. Charm can be felt from a distance.
  5. his eyes become hypnotic.

but incase of harry :Check Mark Button on Apple iOS 13.3

  1. Harry still has a glow and a little bit of attraction.
  2. but no motivation.
  3. feeling dull for no reason
  4. Started blaming Nofap is a myth.
  5. And due to thinking and watching of p*rn, he finally relapsed.

Five Things To Avoid In Nofap

Note: The above result is for representation purposes only. Even harry will get some of the benefits but the difference in the benefits which john got is quite more than harry, therefore harry is shown kinda weak here.

2. Eating non-veg and over oily food:

There is a saying that “the type of food we eat will directly affect our mind and thoughts”

Five Things To Avoid In Nofap:

So if we eat anything which is not natural will affect you directly or indirectly.

Note: People who eat non-veg also gett results through Nofap but if you eliminate meat intake your progress will increase many folds.

3. Avoid over interaction with girls:

Calm down dude, I know now you must be confused that the motivation behind the practice of Nofap is to get a girl’s attention so why to avoid them?


Actually, my friend the answer to your question is simple  👇

Let I have 2 mangoes .the the first mango is looking juicy and attractive and the 2nd mango looks dull and without juice as it is rotten.

5 things to avoid in nofap

On this planet, everyone is attracted to the thing which has something to give. The first mango is representing a person who is on Nofap and the 2nd person is just wasting, draining his vital energy.

now if you were given a choice to choose between the two mangoes which one will you choose?

Your answer will be first mango only  👈

During Nofap you unknowingly gain so much energy and aura that if you get diverted by any girl then you will start thinking about the girl and start making further plans even you start feeling you have achieved what you have planned for and after few days of doing Nofap you will relapse for sure and after this, this girl will suddenly start losing attraction and finally you are all alone again.

Note: You can Definitely enjoy the s*xual pleasure only when you have done more than 3 months of Nofap (at least 90 days) because at this age you have attracted the girl fully and also you have got so much sperm balance which you can now utilize 😉 


4. People who demotivate you for no reason:

Surrounding ourselves with negative people will slow down the Nofap progress as they will always stop you from achieving what you dream of becoming.



5. Avoid using a social platform which indirectly serves you p*rn:

The last point is the important one if you really want to excel in this Nofap journey

Yes, my friend all these social media platforms and even video platform which indirectly provide you s*xual content have to be avoided till your in the Nofap journey because these platforms will kill your progress and make you relapse earliest.

5 things to avoid in nofap


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