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5 Common Misconceptions About Nofap

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Misconception is everywhere and misconception always follows whenever something becomes a trending topic.

And guess what nothing is better than this widely used and now most common word Nofap

but here we are digging out

5 common misconceptions about Nofap which generally confuse people


1. Some people mostly get confused between Nofap and Celibacy(brahmacharya).



Nofap is just a small portion or you can say a first step in the direction of celibacy. Celibacy is to forget about s*x and m*sturb*tion for life.

But in the case of Nofap is just a temporary disconnection with m*sturb*tion just for gaining benefits from it for achieving some bigger goals.

2. Some so-called famous personalities and few big YouTubers believe m*sturb*tion is normal and following Nofap is just an illogical thing but they are just advertising there agenda to make p*rn and medical business to boon with help of these weak and sp*rm less youth.



3. Does nightfall or w@t dream count in m*sturb*tion? this is the most important misconceptions about Nofap which generally confuses many people all around the globe.



The answers to this question are a BIG No as in w*t dreams negligible amount of sp*rm is lost, only liquid type substance is leaked out. So you dint have to worry just go on and achieve the height of Nofap 😎

4. Some believe Nofap is a myth.



Mostly people who not able to achieve the benefits spread rumors so you don’t have to argue with them just leave them and show them the truth about Nofap with your success and magical charm.

5. Is Nofap really makes you attractive or people just fake it?



The attraction level tremendously increases with the level you cross in Nofap. This you can notice in the number of Reddit post and youtube channel but the best option to check this is by practicing Nofap for 1 month. Mind my words you will notice many things which people used to mention.

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