KAPALBHATI-the skull shining technique : STEPS AND BENEFITS

WHAT IS KAPALBHATI? 👀 Kapalbhati comes under hath yoga and it is derived from 2 words of Sanskrit i.e kapala= ” skull ” and bhati= ” shining ”.that simply means that the person who regularly practice this achieve a flawless and shiny forehead/face. So, the question arose that why this Kapalbhati is so famous all over […]

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Never Control Someone and overpower their Identity

People nowadays think that everything around them is under their control and also they try to control the minds of others but in doing so they forget that no one likes to be under control and this thing mentally impact them and sometimes result in depression, anxiety, and sadness. So the question arose, what makes […]

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face glow

6 Face Glow hacks you should be knowing

Do most people wonder why this guy who was the same as me or was earlier has no charm on his face suddenly he starts glowing like a tube light? or you can use a better word star 😉 duh. But all you need to know this face glow can be natural as well as […]

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7 ultimate ways to reduce tummy fat or belly area

If you are facing daily humiliation due to the excess fat around your tummy area and always forced yourself to wear loose clothes so as to hide the accumulated tummy fat. From now, onwards you don’t have to hide. because here I am with 7 extremely beneficial methods which are so effective and do not […]

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The Man Who Paid ₹ 55 Lakh To Increase His Height
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A man who paid Rs 55 lakh to increase his height

Have you ever thought of gaining a few inches of height to look good or want to incline your carrier towards the modeling industry where height is the most important aspect other than body language and face?   So, now you can with surgery. shocked? But this is freaking weird that all those advertisements and […]

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SSC MTS TIER 2 RESULT ,SSC MTS Tier 2 Result 2020 कैसे देखे

SSC has finally announced the most awaiting result of 2020, SSC MTS TIER 2(descriptive)  was done in November, and students were waiting for their result. Finally, the wait is over and SSC MTS has announced the result SSC MTS TIER 2 k result ko Karen download, क्लिक करके ssc mts परिणाम डाउनलोड करें   you […]

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SSC (Staff Selection Commission) isolating and killing the dreams of many

Before digging in-depth why SSC (Staff Selection Commission) isolating and killing the dreams of many then why Many of the Indians after graduation or inter or high school applies for SSC the perfect government job as it makes them independent for life and secures their life till the age of 60 years that no jobs […]

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Misconceptions About Nofap

5 Common Misconceptions About Nofap

Misconception is everywhere and misconception always follows whenever something becomes a trending topic. And guess what nothing is better than this widely used and now most common word Nofap but here we are digging out 5 common misconceptions about Nofap which generally confuse people   1. Some people mostly get confused between Nofap and Celibacy(brahmacharya). […]

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turmeric benefits

7 Reasons Why Turmeric Benefits Are Trending

2020 is the year when all odd and uncertain events are taking place. and a deadly impact of this unknown Coronavirus has affected many countries of the world. And they are in a search of a natural and home remedy which will protect their dear ones from this coronavirus(COVID-19) which taking them back to the […]

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10 Ways Turmeric Can boost Your immunity

INTRODUCTION ABOUT TURMERIC: Turmeric is also called “Haldi”.It is a well known ayurvedic medicine used in Indian from the centuries. via GIPHY   10 Ways Turmeric Can boost Your immunity 👇  1. Turmeric, when used with milk help, gives an extraordinary result. Therefore only Turmeric milk is called golden latte. 2. Turmeric tea is a better […]

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